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eSIMSys Highlights

What makes us better?

  • eSIMSys (e School Information Management System) caters to the complete process automation of Schools.
  • 10 modules with each module focusing on a specific functional area.
  • Accessible using any Internet Browser completely avoiding the need for any client installation.
  • There are a number of reports which helps decision making and management reporting easy and effective.
  • Extensive online documentation, which guides the users in all aspects of the application.
  • Supports multiple units within an organisation and allows managing the activities separately for each unit.


eSIMSys has the following different modules:

  • School Administration
  • Academic Administration
  • Personnel & Payroll
  • Financial Accounts
  • Transportation Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Stores Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Process & Document Management
  • Security & User Administration


Better efficiencies would result in improving the quality of service, as available resources are better utilised for critical tasks and would result in improved service delivery resulting in better return on investment which is essential for any enterprise.

eSIMSys has been tested with multiple users using different modules and it is found to withstand any type of loading. It works the same with a single user or with multiple users.

As the communication between the individual computers and the server is through TCP/IP, the system has better performance. The Computers which need to access the application need not have high capacity and ordinary desktops could be used.


Automate various processes such as Admission, Fee collection etc in safe and secure manner.

eSIMSys is highly secure and provides complete secrecy to information records. Access to the system is protected through a system of User Ids, Passwords and User Roles. Critical data is encrypted for added security.

User Access Control
The application has robust user access control. The Access Control Mechanism supports up to field level access control for added security.

User Logging
The system shall also support user logging based on specific criteria decided by the administrators for monitoring user activity on the system.


The different modules are seamlessly integrated as a single application.

In modern times Process Automation has been accepted as essential for progress. Using
automation, the attention and effort required for mundane tasks could be saved and could be used for more critical tasks. This would help efficiently use the otherwise scarce and ever diminishing resources to achieve the Organisational objectives. Information Technology (IT) is a proven means to meet this end. It is no longer a luxury nor a fashion requirement, but an easy, effective and proven means to achieve progress.


Helps you manages multiple institutes of a single organization using single user interface.

eSIMSys is run on a web-server making it accessible from anywhere in the network using any commonly available web-browser. This makes eSIMSys easy to maintain and use. No software needs to be installed on the different PCs in the network each time the software is modified. eSIMSys could also be accessed off-site over the Internet provided it is made available on the Internet.