1. How does eSIMSys work?
    eSIMSys works either in an intranet environment or in Internet environment and utilizes a 3-Tier architecture. The application will be running on a web server. eSIMSys can be accessed by means of any web browser from the client computer. The application server stores all data in the eSIMSys database.
  2. Do we need to install eSIMSys software on all the PCs in the School?
    No software needs to be installed on the PCs. eSIMSys runs on the Server and can be accessed using any computer connected on the network using any web browser available such as the Internet Explorer (IE) which is bundled with Windows operating systems free of cost.
  3. Can we use Thin-Clients to access the eSIMSys application?
    Thin-Clients can be used for accessing eSIMSys and could reduce the investment required for hardware.
  4. Will the traffic between the server and client PCs choke the network?
    No. The traffic will be limited to HTTP traffic and will not choke up the network. It could be compared to the traffic generated while browsing the Internet.
  5. How is a student identified in eSIMSys?
    A unique id is given to a student when he/she gets admitted to the school. This id is used for all future reference for that student.
  6. Will the database get overloaded after a few years of usage?
    No. eSIMSys has inbuilt functions to take database backups, purging of records, recovery of data, etc. Application performance will not be affected in the long run even without any data maintenance as eSIMSys is based on a rugged design. At the same time proper data maintenance would enhance performance and data availability.

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