System Architecture

eSIMSys is built on a 3-tier architecture with a database server at the back end, an application server at the middle tier with a browser based front end. The database server could be one of the leading products like Oracle or SQL Server or MySQL. The Application is developed in, which runs on an Internet Information Server from Microsoft.

This architecture is a tried, tested and trusted combination used by many Web service
giants. Apart from providing better Return On Investment (ROI), it also gives good performance. It is a proven architecture and there are already many users who are reaping the benefit of this architecture. This also supports future requirements.

No Client Software Required
One of the main advantages of the above architecture is that there is no need for installing any software on the Computers that will be used for accessing the system. The
system can be accessed using an Internet Browser, which comes free of cost with most the standard operating systems. This is also advantageous if the system is required to be accessed from remote locations, as no special software is required to be installed on the remote system.

Better Performance and Reliability
As the communication between the individual computers and the server is through TCP/IP, the system has better performance. The Computers which need to access the application need not have high capacity and ordinary desktops could be used.

Easy Software Maintenance
The 3-Tier architecture also makes the maintenance of the application very easy. Any new changes in the software can be implemented easily at the server without affecting the working of the PCs.

Better Scalability/Expandability
The system is also highly scaleable. If the number of users increases drastically all that needs to be done is to increase the capacity of the server by adding more hardware resources.

Better Security
The system also provides better security as the security is implemented at the server. Once the server is secured using a firewall and virus wall, the system will be completely secure. Access from individual computers will be restricted using User Ids and Passwords.

Lower Cost of Ownership
The above architecture reduces the cost of ownership considerably. As there is no client software required the license cost is considerably reduced. Moreover as any ordinary desktops can be used to access the system, the investment required would be low. Going in for a smaller server initially could further reduce the investment required. The capacity of the server could be increased as and when data volumes increase.

Software Infrastructure Requirement
In order to host the application the following software applications are required.

  • Server: Windows 2000 or higher
  • Web Server: IIS Version 6 or higher
  • Database Server: SQL 2000 or higher
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

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